Success Stories

Over the Years, ILTIZAM Has Helped Businesses Realise Their Full Potential

Eatalian Express

Eatalian Express is the first and only local pasta producer, manufacturing authentic vegetable pasta from nutritious vegetables with high fibre contents certified by MARDI. Their journey started when a husband and wife wanted to buy healthy and nutritious vegetable pasta for their children but could not find any in the market. They decided to learn to make their own and that turned into the Eatalian Express brand. However, they soon reached a ceiling in terms of growth.

Eatalian Express needed help with increasing brand value and streamlining their sales process and distribution. As a first step, ILTIZAM assisted in increasing brand value through engaging a food expert and applied for various food certificates and HACCP certification.

Next, ILTIZAM assisted the website development with a focus to streamline online sales through a payment gateway and built-in agent and dropship management system. Alongside the website development, ILTIZAM also assisted in branding & marketing by engaging with a celebrity chef to create a unique recipe for Eatalian Express, boosting their brand value and enhancing presence.

The brand grew significantly, penetrating the international market with exports to China.


A strong brand and good reputation are key in building a sustainable business. This was a key challenge faced by KinderKaizen, which has an innovative education model but faced issues in student enrolment due to poor awareness and branding inconsistencies in their marketing of multiple branches. ILTIZAM took KinderKaizen through a Diagnostic Tool exercise which identified the need to update and strengthen marketing strategies to increase student enrolment.

The ILTIZAM programme also helped KinderKaizen conduct an independent market study to identify key target market and from this, a professional branding strategy was established. A corporate identity manual was created and this ensured consistent and stronger branding for all branches, allowing Kinderkaizen to position themselves effectively and leverage on their strengths and pricing strategy.

KinderKaizen faced enormous challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic when parents withdrew their children from the centres due to the Government's Movement Control Order (MCO). ILTIZAM, through its Dana Ihsan COVID-19, assisted with funds to cover rental of premises and this helped Kinderkaizen sustain the business and enable them to pivot back once business resumed.

Hutan Ration

Hutan Ration, a company that produces energy bars, protein balls, and granola using all natural ingredients, began their operations in late 2016. Hutan Ration started with a good foundation with precise branding and positioning, and an ambitious 5-year business plan. However, they were uncertain about strategies to get there due to lack of guidance and mentorship, often relying on trial and error to find what works.

In supporting Hutan Ration achieve their vision to be the World's No. 1 Halal Sports Nutrition brand, the ILTIZAM team, through ILTIZAM Advance, helped identify and establish a strategic pathway for Hutan Ration which included distribution and market expansion, enabling the company to unlock the full potential of their brand.

Today, Hutan Ration has become the go-to energy bar in the local fitness scene. Hutan Ration bars are now being distributed worldwide under the company's distribution arm, Sports Allied Services. Hutan Ration which has a manufacturing plant in Terengganu, continues to build the brand by being at the fore of sporting events. They recently hosted their first 160km Ultramarathon in Terengganu which also helped promote sports tourism in the state.

Raw Denim House

Raw Denim House (RDH) began in 2011 with one sewing machine and three young men in Best, Terengganu. Fuelled by a passion for denim, they knew that they could create great pairs of jeans with high-quality materials. However, they had shortcomings in terms of the supply chain and market reach, but ILTIZAM saw potential in Raw Denim House.

Fortunately, with ILTIZAM, Raw Denim House was equipped with training, research and funding assistance to source the best raw materials at the Canton Fair in Guangzhou, China, enabling them to create a Ready-to-Wear jeans product range. ILTIZAM also helped in developing Raw Denim House's website with an e-commerce platform resulting in a surge in online presence and sales and expanded market reach.

ILTIZAM took Raw Denim House from an Enterprise to a private limited or Sdn Bhd company and provided them with Accounting & Secretarial Services, creating a stronger foundation for effective and sustainable growth. Recently, ILTIZAM facilitated a collaboration between Raw Denim House and Kapten Batik to create innovative and artisanal jeans combining batik and denim.

Over the years, Raw Denim House has grown tremendously, with an increase in sales and a customer base all around Malaysia and even internationally.