We Understand Your Issues & Challenges

Limited skills and budget
Difficulty in accessing sufficient funding
Lack of guidance/ mentorship/ leadership skills
Talent management/ retainment issues
Limited automation
Lack of skills in financial management

ILTIZAM Catalyst has the solutions for you!

Check Our Eligibility Criteria

ILTIZAM Catalyst may just be the pathway for you

  • The business is registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia

    • Company’s Certificate of Registration*

    • Owner's Identification Card (IC)*

  • The business is financially sustainable with annual revenue between RM300,000 to RM1 million in the last two (2) financial years** or more

    Financial accounts or financial statements (at least cash flow) for the last 2 years (or more)**

  • Showcase credentials and need for the programme

    Company Profile (the summary of your business nature can be in any form such as video/ Instagram account/ eCommerce/ website etc)*

  • The business has at least 51% Bumiputera shareholding

    Details of shareholders

  • The business has a minimum of five (5) full time staff in active employment

    Employer EPF contribution statement or payslip record

  • Fully committed to participate in the ILTIZAM Catalyst programme

    Indicate 3 representatives to commit for this programme, but only one representative is required at any time of the programme (owner & key management personnel)

*Compulsory for application submission
**Required for at least one of the financial years, not for all two (2) years or more

What You Can Expect From ILTIZAM Catalyst?

You can be sure of technical and hands-on assistance in core business areas, valued up to RM25,000* which will strengthen your foundation for growth and advancement



  • Preparation or review of financial statements (P&L, BS, CF).
  • Analysis of financial statements through designated key financial ratios.
  • Review of business plan & strategic plan inclusive of business model.
  • Advice on short and long-term investment needs and business financing for expansion.


  • Support for incorporation including tax-related requirements (i.e. transition from Enterprise to Sdn Bhd).
  • Partnership or Shareholders' agreement advisory.
  • Review necessity documentation, and requirements for effective business operations, licence(s) and certification(s).



  • Conduct Brand Audit.
  • Establish or review brand guidelines and strategy.
  • Develop or review Digital Marketing strategy.


  • Prepare Digital Marketing Design Template.
  • Prepare Content Calendar Template.
  • Develop or review Digital Marketing strategy.



  • Analyse current needs and recommend the best system to automate the process.
  • Establish Finance system – Billing system/POS.
  • Establish Human Resource system.
  • Establish Client Relationship Management (CRM) system.
  • Provide training and knowledge transfer for system optimisation, maintenance and future expansion.



  • Strategy and business transformation support using design thinking and Agile methodology.


  • Networking platform for peer advisory.


  • Engagements with industry leaders and successful business owners.

*No cash assistance provided.

ILTIZAM Catalyst Process Flow

Upon submitting your application, your proposal will be reviewed by multiple teams before approval and selection to join the programme.

ILTIZAM Catalyst is Available for All Business Sectors*